Lock Tech Supply is a leading professional provider of keycards to the hospitaility Industry. Established in 1986, we know how important it is to choose a trusted vendor for the experience of your customers and your staff alike.  It is appropriate that any and all questions you may have are answered to your complete satisfaction.  Please do not hesitate to call us at 877-307-8200 or email us HERE with your questions.  

Listed below are some of the common questions:

Where are you located and where do you ship to?

Lock Tech Supply was founded in sunny Daytona Beach, FL and relocated to outside of Atlanta, GA in 2012. We sell and ship to the lower 48 states for the prices listed on the website, and ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada for a shipping surcharge.  Please call our office for these locations!

Will your keycards and envelopes meet the inspection requirements of my hotel chain?

Our items are produced in order to meet your requirements.  Requirements do change though and when we are informed of these changes.  We do guarantee full refund and or replacement if our keycards and envelopes do not pass your inpection requirements.

Our hotel group manages multiple branded properties.  Can I buy one of the Combo Specials and split it between two or more brands?

Yes, for no additional charge.  Buy big and save!  You can buy on our webite for any one of your brands and then define in the notes the breakdown you need to any combination of 500 keycards or envelopes. The entire package will ship to same location you define.

I want to buy for three of our properties at once, can I get a deal?

Of course we are into making deals.  While similar to buying a combo package and splitting it between different logos, if you need shipping multiple locations we can still get you the savings of the total combined order in your product cost as long as order is placed at the same time.  Call our office at 877-307-8200 to order!

I see that your pricing is very competititve, but are your keycards reliable?

Our pricing is actually "national best" pricing and we are committed to having the best prices in the country, but RELIABILITY is the number one priority of our manufacturing process.  There is no access card on the market that is made from higher quality materials than Lock Tech Supply uses in our process.  If you have been in this business for more than a few years you may have gotten "stuck" with some cheap marketing keys that caused a number of customer trips back to the front desk etc.  We guarantee our cards to work with your lock system to your satisfaction else a complete replacement or refund will be quickly made, including all shipping costs. This is rare, but you can buy from us knowing every purchase is fully backed by our satisfaction promise for up to not 30 days, but instead a full 90 days.

I notice that generic keycards and envelopes are the same price as your major chain logo items, Why?

Because we produce and stock both in bulk.  In reality, major chain keycards and envelopes are priced at the generic pricing level, passing that value on to you.

I'm thinking about upgrading to contactless or RFID (radio frequency ID) keycards.  Do you sell these cards?  What is you opinion about doing this upgrade?

We do provide the newer "non-swipe" keycards.  While there are a number of different chipcards on the market as fo fall of 2017, what we see is that keycards basically fall into the "proprietary" and "open" RFID classes.  Proprietary in this case means that the lock company has written a special code to the chipcard thereby requiring that you purchase your keycards from them in perpetuity.  This is often a trade off for getting locksets installed affordably compared to the larger lock companies.  Over time, the cost of these proprietary cards can well outweigh even saving $200 per door lock up front. 

The cost of RFID cards is already 3.5 times the cost of a magstripe keycard, so if you have been paying under a dime for a magstripe keycard, get ready to pay $.30+ per card in order to get the reliability that comes with RFID and not having damages magstripes anymore. Some of the lock companies with proprietary keycards are charging $.40, $.50 and even $.60 per keycard.  Our average customer goes through about 10,0000 keycards per year.  So at a $.20 premium you could be paying $2,000+ per year every year.  And it doesn't end.  This is why the initial decision about which lock company to use is critical.  NOTE- we do not sell lock systems, only the keycards, we do not have a dog in this fight except that you get a good deal.

Do you offer free marketing cards from the major chain pizza companies?

We do not offer these pizza cards arranged under national contracts, but we are heavily engaged in local marketing programs.  If a local restaurant or other establishment would like to offer advertising cards for your use (or currently do) we can produce these cards with 2 distinct advantages- 1) our cards will still be free to you but will be top grade US cards that actually work, and 2) we can save money for your local restaurant on their card cost.  This is critical because they will only continue to offer free cards to you if it is obviously paying off in increased profits. Either contact us directly by phone or email HERE and we can reach out to the local business on your behalf, or have them call us today.

Can you produce marketing keycards using the new RFID contactless keycards?

Yes!  Local businesses are usually willing to contribute 50% of the cost of cards vs the 100% for magstripe keycards due to increased costs.

Can you produce custom keycards for my independent property?

Absolutely, and please note the following considerations for your planning  Custom keycards can be full color processed artwork for no additional charge, and most often are 1 color on the back, with either standard language about card use that we can provide, or a special offer from your restaurant on site, or an offer from a local business.  Often a 50% contribution by a local business for an offer to be placed on the back of your keycard is more manageable for that restaurant etc. while you retain your professional branding on the front of the card.  Customer keycard orders require a 5,000 card minimum order ($750 plus UPS Ground for US quality cards) and production lead time is about 4 weeks from artwork approval.  Please call us to discuss pricing or email us HERE.

Can you produce custom keycard envelopes/sleeves for my property?

Of course.  Like keycards above, custom envelopes take about 4 weeks to produce and can accomodate any level of full color artwork desired.  Minimum order is 10,000 envelopes and cost is $495 plus UPS Ground delivery.  For higher quantities please call us or email us HERE.

Do you still sell hotel hardware?  I have bought from you for years and I don't see any on your site!

There are a few popular items under "Misc Items".  We do still sell hotel hardware and often at a 20% savings over our national competitors. Our company founder had been providing consultative sales support for 20 years and we have decided to not try to replace his expertise. Still, we currently offer over 10,000 hardware items mainly as repeat orders to existing customers or if you know what you need to order, we can cross reference from any other brand to get you a quote (with full product specifications) within 24 hours.  Email inquiries to us HERE.

I'm out of keycards!  Can you overnight express some to me?

Absolutely.  Please call our office M-F 10am-5pm to arrange expedited services.  While these may be done on the website, our cutoff is 3pm M-F.  If you call us at 877-307-8200 during open hours, we will do everything we can to get them out to you!

Is it safe for you to sell all of these access cards over the internet without screening of buyers?

We do screen the shipping address to make sure shipping to legitimate customers.  We do not ship branded items to locations other than those listed on hotel chain main websites.  We reserve the right to sell only to owners and operators of hotels and motels, residential care facilities and other appropriate customers.  Nevertheless, all of our items are shipped with zero access coding and require your lock system to encode to provide access.

What is your Privacy Policy?

We take our customers privacy serious! You can read our Privacy Policy Here